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Sentia™ Malic Acid Test Strips

Sentia™ Malic Acid Test strips  work with your Sentia™ Analyzer to accurately monitor malic acid during malolactic fermentation to prevent microbial growth and ensure wine stability.

After a simple 1 in 5 pre-dilution with the Sentia malic acid buffer, in less than a minute you’ll have an accurate and reliable malic acid result.

Malic acid test strips
Malic Diagram V1


Sentia Icon Numbers

Test type identifier and ID number in rich color with easy-to-read font

Sentia Icon Bottle

Airtight 25-pack vial for easy storage and retrieval

Sentia Icon Aus

Manufactured in our state-of-the-art ISO certified facility in Melbourne, Australia

Sentia Icon Misc 1

Convenient white “porch” design to ensure consistent user sample application time after time

Sentia Icon 25x

Ergonomic vial comes complete with 25 test strips, so you won’t run out when you need them most

Sentia Icon Water

Only a single drop of wine required for your analysis


  • Fast and reliable results, allowing for the tracking of malic acid in just 45 seconds
  • No multiple pipetting of reagents or reagent preparation, resulting in reduced user error
  • Fewer plastic consumables required, making Sentia environmentally and cost friendly
  • Automatic calculation – no spreadsheets or further processing required
  • Small sample volume required – minimum 8 μl (a drop of wine)
  • When not in use, your Sentia™ Malic Acid Test strips must be stored in their vial inside a refrigerator

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