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Multiplex cytokine assays can play a crucial role in first-in-human clinical trials. They can assist researchers in understanding the impact of drug therapies and support the critical decision -making process in new drug development.

Hemostasis Reference Laboratory [HRL] is a specialized laboratory with a long history of assisting clients with study design and assay selection to help ensure the best possible outcomes.

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Multiplex Cytokine Assays

The simultaneous measurement of cytokines in a single sample provides increased throughput and reduced sample volume compared to traditional ELISA techniques. It is the ideal platform for measuring cytokines in a variety of matrices from human serum to tissue culture media.

HRL’s Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) multiplex platform:

The multiplex platform couples immunoassay methodology with electrochemiluminescence (ECL) detection to provide accurate and precise measurement of a multitude of different cytokine panels.

Analyzer 15

Advantages of the HRL MSD multiplex

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  • Accurately target low analyte levels in minimum sample volumes
  • Robust matrix tolerance including biological fluids (serum, urine, CSF ), tissue culture media, as well as complex biological matrices
  • 5-Log+ dynamic range: simultaneous comparison of pertinent cytokines, chemokines and other biomarkers in samples from diseased and normal patients at different intervals
  • Extensive menu of validated multiplex cytokine panels
  • Ability to add signature panels and develop custom assays

Laboratory Services

HRL offers multiplex cytokine analysis on the MESO QuickPlex SQ 120MM technology platform to address specific project application:

  • assay validation and analysis
  • consultation for study design
  • consultation to ensure proper sample collection and storage
  • technical and professional support for report and manuscript submissions

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