Universal Biosensors Inc (UBI) is a global biosensor company and a world leader in electrochemical cell technology. UBI’s ambition is to utilize its patented biosensor technology to develop a diverse range of hand-held portable analyzers and consumable test strips; for efficient, effortless, and accurate detection of analytes of interest, within many industries including the agricultural, environmental, human health, and animal health industries. UBI is a Delaware company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:UBI) and operates from its head office, manufacturing facility, and research laboratory in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

In 2021, UBI successfully launched its unique hand-held wine analyzer called Sentia with an initial test to measure free SO­2,and subsequently in 2022, tests for monitoring malic acid and glucose throughout the wine production process (more tests in the pipeline are due for release in late 2022). In 2022, UBI launched Xprecia Primein the EU and UK, the next-generation blood coagulation analyzer which replaces Xprecia Stride™. Xprecia Primeis due for launch in the US in 2023. UBI is due to launch Petrackr™ in late 2022/early 2023, a veterinary blood glucose product to monitor diabetes in cats and dogs. These products will complement UBI’s existing Canadian blood testing laboratory Hemostasis Reference Lab (HRL).