SENTIA Wine Analyzer

Launching in early 2021 we are seeking to partner with market leading distributors throughout Europe,
South America and South Africa to bring this exciting and innovative solution to the market.   

Presenting ‘SENTIA’ by Universal Biosensors: 

SENTIA Features

• SENTIA is a handheld, portable device which will change the nature of testing in the wine industry.
SENTIA delivers medical grade biosensor technology to the wine industry.
SENTIA is calibrated to gold-standard specificity and sensitivity for Free SO2 testing and will deliver Glucose, Fructose and Malic Acid testing capability during 2021.
SENTIA will deliver significant cost savings and productivity gains to wine producers of all size.
FAST – On the spot results within 60 seconds.
PORTABLE – Genuine ‘at-barrel’ testing, with data  upload capability. 
EASY – No re-agents; automatically calibrated; can be used by any team member.
QUALITY – In built control checks for each test.
EFFICIENT – Avoid sample collection and return. Improve processing efficiency and quality control.