Corporate Overview & Strategy


Universal Biosensors (UBI) began its journey focusing on the research, development and manufacture of devices for the diagnostic point of care (POC) market using UBI’s core technology of a disposable, multi-layer test strip, which incorporates a proprietary electrochemical sensing system that rapidly and accurately measures different biomarkers in blood.

This innovative technology led UBI to develop a blood glucose monitoring product for LifeScan, Inc. (a Johnson & Johnson company) which was launched in 2010 under the global brand of OneTouch® Verio®. This was soon followed by the development of a Prothrombin Time (PT/INR) blood coagulation analyser and test strip for Siemens Healthcare which was launched in 2014 under the global brand of Xprecia StrideTM.

Building upon the success of these globally launched products, UBI continues to focus on the diagnostic POC market and is now exploring the opportunities this technology offers of speed, ease of use, reliability, accuracy at a low cost in alternative industries.