Blood Glucose Monitoring

OneTouch® Verio® is the first blood glucose product launched by LifeScan that uses the innovative opposing electrode technology developed by Universal Biosensors (UBI).  LifeScan, a Johnson & Johnson company, first introduced OneTouch® Verio® to the market in January 2010 and it is now available globally. OneTouch® Verio® has been positively received by the market based on key competitive advantages that stem directly from the novel electrochemical approach. The OneTouch® Verio® represents world-class technology that utilises a highly automated, state of the art manufacturing system developed by UBI.

Key advantages of the technology in OneTouch® Verio®

  • Enables instant, (within seconds) readings of blood glucose levels.
  • Requires no calibration and uses a tiny finger prick blood sample (less than 0.5 µL).
  • The result is unaffected by the presence of unrelated sugars such as maltose and galactose which interfere with the results in a number of other blood glucose systems.

 OneTouch Verio product packaging


Point-of-care tests for blood glucose first appeared in the market in the late 1980s. These simple test devices allowed patients to take control of their insulin medication and led to dramatic advances in life expectancy and quality of life for diabetics. Today it is estimated that around 17 billion disposable sensor strips using electrochemical cells are used by diabetics each year. This remains the largest market in the point-of-care segment and has been valued at more than US$9.8 billion globally and continues to grow.

In Australia, the OneTouch Verio can be found at